Indeedly is a blog that focuses on gaming and related technology at a broader scale. Our key topics include news, game reviews, game guides as well as articles about hardware and software, the web, mobile, etc.

Who we are

Indeedly was founded by three friends, Sascha Picchiantano, Caterine Sikora and Christos Eteoglou, who have been working together on numerous projects such as gaming communities in the past, and who decided it is time to get creative and write about the topics they are passionate about.

Indeedly Editorial

Sascha Picchiantano Profile

Sascha Picchiantano

aka cryptochrome – Indeedly Founder & Editor

Sascha is one of the founding members of Indeedly and the lead editor. He also maintains the site. Or so he says. Owned by a white cat.

christos eteoglou profile

Christos Eteoglou

aka Eatoldglue – Indeedly Founder & Editor

His main role is concept & design, also one of the founders of the Sundog Gaming Community.

About Sundog Gaming

Caterine Sikora

aka yesimagirrrl – Indeedly Founder & Editor

Cat is one of the founders of the Sundog Gaming Community and an editor for Indeedly.

Qaaim Goodwin

aka KaiserQ – Indeedly Editor

Qaaim Goodwin is a designer/developer currently enjoying the life of an American expat in the UK. When he is not trying to be a makeshift foodie, Qaaim is trying to live all things video games and tech.


Kolja Brauns

aka Createx – Indeedly Author

Avid PC gamer. I’m mostly interested in FPS and roguelikes and -lites, but will dabble in almost anything with friends. I enjoy the social aspects of gaming a lot! Currently playing mostly Destiny 2. I love raiding and teaching people. Apart from that, I work as a controller while finishing my economics degree and enjoy good beer, good company, and weird music.

Theo Darringer

Indeedly Author

English accountant by day, deranged gamer by night. Regular contributor, and Destiny Sherpa for the Sundog Sherpa Team

Nicola Fullam

aka DearDarling – Indeedly Author

Writes games critiques and enjoys exploring the psychology behind games and it’s players


Future Indeedly Writer

We’re always looking for talented writers who share our vision and passion. Want to get your pieces in front of an audience? Contact us.