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Indie developer Balancing Monkey Games is launching the alpha of their new game “Before We Leave” soon. The game is an interplanetary city building game, meaning, you build cities on different planets throughout the solar system. It’s supposedly non-violent, but you still have to fend off planet-eating space whales.

We just recently wrote about Endzone – World Apart, a city-building game in a post-apocalyptic world. And now here we are with yet another city builder on the horizon. This one is coming from Balancing Monkey Games and will be released as a closed alpha soon, with an Early Access on the Epic Store soon after. It will remain there as an exclusive for a while before heading to Steam as well. Before We Leave was featured in Epic’s showcase for the 2019 Game Awards.

What exactly is Before We Leave?

Similar to Endzone, in Before We Leave, due to some kind of hazard your people have lived underground for generations. As you come back to the planet’s surface, you begin to rebuild civilization. Your task is to colonize the planet by building multiple cities across continents. And once you have made enough progress, you can launch space rockets to conquer other planets in the solar system. The goal here is to create a multi-planet network of colonies, discover ancient tech and manage resources. All while being faced with numerous challenges and space whales.

Wait… Space Whales? Space Whales!

Yup. Before We Leave will feature space whales. Giant creatures living in space and whose primary diet is planets. To put it in the words of the developer:

The last couple of weeks, my main focus has been on adding the cherry on the top of the end-game content I added previously – Space Whales!  Now as you’re playing, once you’ve advanced far enough, Space Whales start to come through your solar system and eat pieces of your planets!

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What else do we know about Before we Leave?

Not too much. The graphics of Before We Leave show that the game is a low budget title. Or maybe it’s the intended art style, who knows. Some parts of the game, like the clouds in the sky, and some other objects are made of simple blocks and hexagons, similar to what you would expect from Minecraft. Other pieces remind me of 1990’s old school games with sprites (anyone remember?) but in 3D. It looks fairly simple but sort of cute. The game trailer does not go too much into detail in terms of game mechanics, so it’s hard to judge how this game will actually play.

We will be able to find out soon, though. The developers invite everyone to join their Discord server and get access to an early alpha. Furthermore, the game is headed to Epic‘s early access program soon.

Are you going to join their Discord and check the game out? Let us know in the comments below. And don’t forget to join our own Discord server:

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