Coronavirus (Covid-19) is affecting everyone around the globe and it seems like every news post recently is Coronavirus quarantine lockdown related, so here at Indeedly we wanted to offer some suggestions to help the cabin fever. With companies telling employees to work from home to help reduce spreading the virus, schools and colleges around the world following suit, now is the time to work on honing some crucial skills. That means more people are staying home with little or nothing to do. But worry not, Indeedly is here and we have some recommendations that is significantly better than hoarding toilet paper and that is playing—video games!

To be honest, it looks like people figured out that playing video games is a better pastime than hoarding, judging by the record-breaking 20 million concurrent users online on Steam with 6.2 million of them actively playing games. While we’re sure everybody has their favorite games to help pass time and probably a huge backlog they haven’t even touched yet, we still wanted to point out a few titles that could be worth a look at in the following weeks since you will probably spend a lot of time at home.

The games recommended we like to think of as hidden gems, good games that released relatively recently but got overlooked. We think these games deserve their own tiny spotlight here at Indeedly. So, without further ado, let’s get down to it.

Dreams (PS4)

The only reason someone would overlook this game is if they don’t own a PS4. Even then, you’ve probably heard of it. This game definitely deserves the title of a gem and I think it’s the ideal game to play while being stuck at home. Dreams is more like a platform for making games than a game by itself. It’s a place you can make your dreams come true, hence the name. Why is it the perfect pastime? Because you can either play through levels (dreams) that came with the game, you can make your own levels or play levels made by other players. It’s a great and approachable way to learn the basics of programming and level design if you’re inclined to spend your free time productively. Developers even announced that you will be able to earn a small amount of money by developing your own levels. What are you waiting for? Go and make your dreams come true!

Where To Buy: PS4 Game Store

Hades (PC)

Why Hades? It’s not because the overwhelming panic that is around us feels like we’re all going to end up there anyway. No, it’s because Hades is a really good rogue-like dungeon crawler with great gameplay and awesome visuals. The game is made by Supergiant games, creators of Bastion and Transistor. If you liked those games you will definitely like Hades, and if you’ve never heard of those games before but like the gameplay and visuals of Hades – well that’s even better as you can play all 3 games to get your dungeon crawler dose of gaming goodness.

Where To Buy: Steam or Epic Game Store

State of Decay 2 (PC, Xbox One)

What better game to play during a pandemic than another zombie apocalypse open world survival game? While there are a bunch of titles in this genre, this one probably got overlooked by most. It shouldn’t be overlooked though as it’s probably better than you thought so give it a try if you like to shoot zombies in the face (or get nom nomed by ones, we don’t judge here, to each their own).

Where To Buy: Steam or Xbox One (Included with the Xbox Game Pass)

Diabotical (PC)

Fast paced pew pew from the creators of Quake, this multiplayer Arena FPS will hit the spot for fans of the genre. Quick reflexes and precision are essential for survival as colorful robotic balls spread death swiftly to their opponents. Get ready to train your reflexes so you can dodge the spread of the virus around you by getting Diabotical! Also customization is available for people that like decorating balls, again we don’t judge here! Unfortunately, the game only has closed beta weekends scheduled with a release date being around 1st of June 2020. It’s still worth keeping an eye out for it. 

Where To Buy: Epic Game Store (Free To Play)

Yes, Your Grace (PC)

This is a game for people that enjoy intelligence over shooting. Yes, Your Grace is a kingdom management sim where you need to do what is necessary to keep your kingdom running, be it by hiring generals or witches. It should be a good way to prepare in case your entire country suddenly collapses and the burden of leadership falls upon your shoulders. Just make sure you put “Played Yes, Your Grace” in your resume.

Where To Buy: Steam

What are you playing?

If we mentioned every game that deserves to be on this list, this article would be way longer than it should be. That is why this is where YOU, our dear reader, comes to the rescue! Share with in the comments below the games you enjoyed that deserve its place under our tiny spotlight! Also, feel free to join our great Sundog Gaming Discord community if you like to talk and spend time with other gaming folk.

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