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In a livestream with developers on the 4th of December as well as the weekly “This Week at Bungie” blog post, Bungie has revealed details about the upcoming Destiny 2 season. As previously known, it will be called “Season of Dawn” and will be a smaller content drop.

Before yesterday, details were still scarce. Now, we know a whole lot more about the new season.

Content removed from Destiny’s Season of Dawn

  • Season of the Undying activities, weapons, and armor are going away (Shadowkeep content is staying)
  • This includes Eriana’s Vow, which will return later (similar to Thunderlord?)
  • The seasonal artifact will get removed, along with its bonuses and mods
  • Undying triumphs, seals and the title will get removed

Content added to Destiny’ Season of Dawn

  • New Sundial PvE mode (matchmade, 6 player activity horde mode)
  • World events (“Obelisks”) on old locations
  • Devil’s Ruin (Sidearm) and Bastion (Scout Rifle) exotic quests
  • New seasonal armor & weapons
  • New seasonal mods
  • Storyline regarding Saint-14
  • Empyrean Foundation (still unknown)
  • PvP mode “Elimination” returns
  • Returning PvP map “Rusted Lands”
Seasonal Artifact, Lantern of Osiris, in Destiny 2
Lantern of Osiris, new seasonal artifact

Weapon and Armor mods in Season of Dawn

As predicted for Season of Dawn, Anti-Barrier, Unstoppable and Overload mods are returning on other weapon types. Scout Rifles, Bows and Pulse Rifles share an anti-barrier mod. Scout and Pulse Rifles get unstoppable shots, while bows will probably get unstoppable as well. Other mods have also been shuffled around – there is a new Enhanced Rifle Loader mod as well as an Enhanced Sniper Rifle mod and Enhanced Linear Fusion Targeting. Other notable changes are Breach Refractor likely being combined with a melee version. This change (cost increased to 5) could be to bring Breach Refractor builds back in line, as they are currently extremely potent.
All the details can be found in this very informative Reddit post, courtesy of user MetaaL_lol.

The new seasonal mod slots house a completely new mechanic, “charges of light”. These can be gained by performing certain actions, e.g. finishers, rapid precision kills… The charges can then be consumed for damage resistance, damage increases and other buffs. These mods will only be applicable to Season of Dawn armor pieces.

Roadmap for Season of Dawn, Destiny 2
Season of Dawn roadmap

As seen in the above roadmap, the content will be spaced out – additional bosses and higher difficulties will be added at a later date. Details about the exotic weapons are still scarce, and the “Empyrean Foundation” has not been revealed yet.

Other changes, updates & refreshes

  • New Ritual weapons for Crucible, Gambit, and Vanguard (confirmed by community manager)
  • Light Level increase to 960, Pinnacle cap increase to 970
  • Some PvP maps removed for returning, other retuned maps added back in
  • Multiple sandbox changes to weapons, armor, and abilities, for both PvE and PvP
  • More ways to earn Bright Dust during seasonal events (The Dawning, Crimson Days)
  • Exotic engrams always drop armor if a character has all exotic items already unlocked
  • Additional minor changes to loot acquisition

Most prominently, The Recluse and One Eyed Mask are getting nerfed for Season of Dawn. The Recluse will not deal precision damage on body shots anymore, and One Eyed Mask will no longer grant an Overshield on kill.
All the details can be found in this week’s TWAB, while the nerfs were detailed some weeks ago. Whether the changes are enough to bring these items in line remains to be seen.

Glowy titan with glowy friends
One last ride


Overall, the amount of content the Season of Dawn offers is solid for the price. New activities, new loot, long-awaited sandbox tweaks. However, there is still a lot of discontent in the player base. While there is new seasonal loot, the world and vendor pools remain static. The new seasonal “charge of light” mechanics require players to grind yet another set of “perfect” armor. The elemental affinity system remains frustratingly limiting, especially exotic armor pieces. PvP is getting minor tweaks but still has no worthwhile loot.

However, one of the biggest frustrations that remain in Destiny’s Season of Dawn, is the Eververse. While the transition to a semi-F2P model requires monetization on Bungie’s part, the announced changes do little to address the criticisms. Bright Dust (earned by playing) remains extremely scarce. Players can earn a little more during seasonal events, with the vast majority of players not affected due to the time investment needed. More items can be bought with Bright Dust compared to Silver (paid currency), but without a better way to earn Dust, the change remains essentially meaningless.

Destiny 2: Season of Dawn official trailer

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