Destiny 2 is about to release its next expansion, and no one knows what it will bring. December 10th will see the release of Season Of Dawn, and so far Bungie have kept a close lid on any content.
So far, we only know that it will be a smaller expansion, at best the size of last year’s Annual Pass seasons. In this week’s TWAB (This Week At Bungie), the studio announced they’ll be doing a live stream on Twitch, YouTube and Mixer to reveal more details about the upcoming content drop.

Destiny 2 Season of Dawn Reveal Stream

What we know so far about Season of Dawn

  • Seasonal activities (Vex Invasions & Offensive) are going away.
  • Seasonal weapons & armor (drop from seasonal activities) are going away. Weapons might return at a later date.
  • The artifact power bonus will reset back to zero.
  • The artifact itself will go away and be replaced by a new one.
  • Seasonal mods (both weapon and armor) will go away and be replaced by new ones. It is almost certain that Anti-Barrier, Overload and Unstoppable mods will be available again, perhaps for other weapon/ability types though. Both the Garden Of Salvation raid and Ordeal Nightfalls rely on these enemy types.
  • Seasons will focus on different elements. Solar subclasses did not get any mods in Season of the Undying, so will probably receive some love in Season of Dawn.
  • Sandbox changes – Among others: The Recluse is getting nerfed, One Eyed Mask will be slightly less terrifying

As far as thematic focus, players are still completely in the dark. There has been no news about a raid, new activities, or new loot.

Bungie is facing an uphill climb after facing significant criticism from hardcore players on its last release. The expansion itself, Shadow keep, was received fairly well, with a highly-praised new raid and an intricate, nostalgic location. The accompanying Season of the Undying didn’t fare so well. The headline activities, Vex Offensive and Vex Invasions, offered some quick, easy fun, but quickly got repetitive, without replay incentives. The loot, including exotics, hasn’t found its way into many loadouts.

Another big criticism has been the new cosmetics economy, with Bright Dust (used to unlock cosmetics) gains reduced and other ways to obtain cosmetic unlocks being removed. The changes came with the base game going Free To Play.

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