Eve Campbell, a senior world designer working at Bungie, revealed some of the incredible Destiny 2 artwork she created for the Season of the Undying. The extremely rich and detailed images show Ikora’s 9-week long Vex Gate construction in the Tower, as well as Banshee 44’s old weapon workshop.

UPDATE: In a previous version of this article we wrote that the artwork shared by Eve Campbell is concept art. After reaching out to her she clarified that all of the images discussed in this article are actual in-game images.

When the Season of the Undying dropped, construction of a huge structure began on the tower, overseen by Ikora. It took weeks to finish, and players were wondering what the end result might become. It turned out to be a massive Vex Gate. The first set of images that Eve Campbell shared on Twitter takes us on a journey following the construction of the gate from start to finish.

Over the course of nine weeks throughout the season, Guardians watch as Ikora oversees the construction of a mechanical gate that will be used to pull out the Undying Mind during the Vex Invasion special event. It was a fun spectacle and fantasy to realize and the final result as it appears in gameplay was knocked out of the park with VFX and rigging provided by An-Tim Nguyen.

Eve Campbell, Bungie, on her Destiny 2 artwork
Season of the Undying concept art (Destiny 2)
Destiny 2 artwork: Construction of the Vex Gate on The Tower

The second set of images brings us to an old workshop of Banshee 44, which was part of the Leviathan’s Breath quest. The path to the secret workshop, which is hidden in a backroom Tower location, made players explore some previously unseen areas, full of vents and other industrial structures. Campbell said she had a lot of fun designing these.

For Season of The Undying I had the opportunity to return to work on the Tower. I had a lot of fun with this mission, especially coming directly off production on Zero Hour it felt like a lighter experience with similar inner vent-work exploration and industrial exploration fantasy.

Eve Campbell, Bungie, on her Destiny 2 artwork
Season of the Undying concept art (Destiny 2)
Destiny 2 artwork – Season of Undying: Banshee’s secret hideout

Eve uploaded most of her Destiny 2 images to Artstation, where you can find more of her work, including other areas of the game, such as Mercury or the Zero Hour quest. What unites all these pictures is the incredible level of detail. They are, quite literally, work of art. You can tell a lot of love and passion went into these images – and probably countless hours of work.

What do you think? Do you agree that this Destiny 2 artwork looks stunning? Let us know in the comments below.

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