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Welcome to our weekly Xur Gear Guide. In this weekly series, we will update you on the new location of Xur in Destiny 2 and more prominently, on the gear he sells. We’ll give you a summary of each item, describe it in detail and make recommendations on whether you should invest your shards or skip an item.

We will update Where is Xur? every Friday

Bookmark this page to get the latest information on Xur’s location and the exotics he is selling.

Who is Xur?

For all the New Light players and any veteran guardians out there, Xur is our reliable merchant of all special exotics every Friday. Xur appears in randomly rotating locations each weekend and disappears on reset every Tuesday. Xur typically carries with him one exotic weapon, one exotic armor piece for each class, and a Fated Engram to help fill out any missing exotics from your collection. Xur cannot drop any raid/quest specific exotics. For more information, read below for when he appears, where to find him, and what gear he is selling.

When does he appear?

Xur appears every Friday during the daily reset. Depending on where you are in the world this will mean showing up at different times. Find the times below:

  • UK: 17:00 (GMT)
  • Europe: 18:00 (CEST)
  • US East Coast: 12:00 (EST)
  • US West Coast: 09:00 (PST)

Where to find Xur this week?

IO Giant Scar Destiny 2 Xur

For Mar. 20 – Mar. 24 Xur is located in a cave near Giant’s Scar on IO.

Xur Gear Guide – Giant’s Scar, IO

Xur Gear Guide for this week

Here we’ll list all the gear that you can get from Xur this week.

Exotic Weapons

Linear Fusion Rifle

The Queenbreaker

Cost: Destiny 2 Shard 29 Shards
Lore: The Queenbreaker

The Queenbreaker is a linear fusion rifle that goes into the heavy slot.

Wire RifleExotic intrinsic perk – Fires a long-range precision Arc bolt that blinds enemies on hit. 

Marksman Sights/Combat Sights  – Legendary trait perk – Gives you the option to choose between two sights:

Marksman Sights – Long-range sights with slower charge time and greater damage. Displays ammo and charge levels.

Combat Sights – Low-zoom sights with faster charge time and handling. Displays ability energy level (on cooldown or fully charged).

An old friend from Destiny 1, The Queenbreaker made a celebrated return in Destiny 2. Most players shudder in fear from the memory of being one shot in PvP from a thousand miles away. However, with the Season of the Drifter, The Queensbreaker was nerfed to the ground. And thus, game over.

Before the nerf, this gun had a secure place in Gambit more than anywhere else due to the high aim assist. It has never been top tier for PvE because of Sleeper Simulant being so much stronger.

Not much doubt here, this gun is not worth your shards. However, feel free to buy one just to have it in your collection.

Exotic Armor



Cost: Destiny 2 Shard 23 Shards
Class: Hunter Destiny 2 Icon Hunter
Lore: Oathkeeper

Adamantine Brace Exotic intrinsic perk – Bows charges can be held indefinitely.

Yes, that’s it. Bow charges can be held indefinitely. If bows were in a really good place and were part of the meta, I could see these gauntlets having a place in the game. But as it turns out, bows are not, and therefore these gauntlets are not.

It takes about five seconds for the Adamantine Brace perk to activate. Five seconds of standing still or walking to focus on your target, which makes you vulnerable since you’re aiming down sight and don’t have a radar. As soon as you start sprinting, which is the normal movement speed in the game, the aiming down sights is aborted and you would have to stop and aim down sights again for five seconds in order to activate the perk again.

For PvE, these gauntlets are useless. I don’t like using that word, but that is my conclusion. For PvP, they are a maybe. If you use bows in PvP, they could be your exotic of choice, but personally I wouldn’t waste the exotic slot on these gauntlets, even if I was using a bow.

It’s going to be a nay from me on the Hunter exotic this week. Don’t waste your shards.

MK. 44 Stand Asides

MK. 44 Stand Asides

Cost: Destiny 2 Shard 23 Shards
Class: Titan Destiny 2 Icon Titan
Lore: Mk. 44 Stand-Asides

Seriously, watch outExotic intrinsic perk – Grants and overshield when you’re sprinting at full health with Seismic Strike, Hammer Strike or Shield Bash equipped. Hits with these abilities recharge a portion of your melee energy..

These exotics were missing in my collection, so I had to buy them from Xür in order to try them out. I found that the most important thing was to put the Nebula Rose shader on them before going into action.

Review wise, I’m going to be honest; I’m not overly impressed by Mk. 44 Stand Asides as they add nothing of value for team play, which is what I like the best. But here we go…

Sprinting at full health activates the overshield, which you lose when you shoulder charge an enemy. While the portion of melee energy returned is pretty generous, 50%, you need to wait until your melee is fully recharged before you can activate the Seriously, watch out perk again. Your melee cooldown time will therefore matter for how useful this exotic is going to be to you.

Personally, I would rather use Insurmountable Skullfort with top tree Arc on my Titan instead, due to the instant recharge of your melee ability/shoulder charge. On the other hand, this exotic is not limited to a specific energy subclass, which speaks in their favor.

For PvE, I see little use. For PvP, it might be the thing saving your life if your play style is close combat, such as shoulder charging or running up to your opponent with a shotgun. If that’s the case, invest your shards. If not, you can disregard the titan exotic this week.

Ophidian Aspect

Ophidian Aspect

Cost: Destiny 2 Shard 23 Shards
Class: Warlock Destiny 2 Icon Warlock
Lore: Ophidian Aspect
Cobra Totemic Exotic intrinsic perk – Weapons ready and reload very quickly. Melee range is extended..

These are my go to gauntlets for PvP. The added ready and reload speed is quite noticeable and grants for much quicker gun play. The increased melee range is just icing on the cake, gíving you an upper hand in close combat and if you spec into Strength as well, you’re even better off.

For PvE, I wouldn’t recommend using these gauntlets, since there are so many other exotics that give you and your team better benefits.

Invest your shards, Guardian. Go into the Crucible and make Shaxx proud. This is amazing!

Special Items

Exotic Engram

Exotic Engram

Cost: Destiny 2 Shard 97 Shards

An engram that contains a new exotic if you have any left to be collected within your collections. If you already have all exotics completed on your class, then this engram contains a random piece of exotic armor. You can only purchase this engram once a week and only on one character.

Five of Swords

Five of Swords

A special card that enables modifiers for Nightfall strikes (doesn’t apply for Nightfall: The Ordeal). The more challenging the modifiers the larger the score multiplier is.

  • Let us know how you like this. We are planning to update this page every week with the newest information.

  • Let us know how you like this. We are planning to update this page every week with the newest information.

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