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Welcome to our weekly Xur Gear Guide. In this weekly series, we will update you on the new location of Xur in Destiny 2 and more prominently, on the gear he sells. We’ll give you a summary of each item, describe it in detail and make recommendations on whether you should invest your shards or skip an item.

We will update Where is Xur? every Friday

Bookmark this page to get the latest information on Xur’s location and the exotics he is selling.

Who is Xur?

For all the New Light players and any veteran guardians out there, Xur is our reliable merchant of all special exotics every Friday. Xur appears in randomly rotating locations each weekend and disappears on reset every Tuesday. Xur typically carries with him one exotic weapon, one exotic armor piece for each class, and a Fated Engram to help fill out any missing exotics from your collection. Xur cannot drop any raid/quest specific exotics. For more information, read below for when he appears, where to find him, and what gear he is selling.

When does he appear?

Xur appears every Friday during the daily reset. Depending on where you are in the world this will mean showing up at different times. Find the times below:

  • UK: 17:00 (GMT)
  • Europe: 18:00 (CEST)
  • US East Coast: 12:00 (EST)
  • US West Coast: 09:00 (PST)

Where to find Xur this week?

Xur Gear Guide - Map of Xur Location
Xur Gear Guide – Location this week

For Feb. 21 – Feb. 25 Xur is located in the EDZ in The Winding Cove.

Xur Gear Guide – Location video

Xur Gear Guide for this week

Here we’ll list all the gear that you can get from Xur this week.

Exotic Weapons

The Colony Exotic
Grenade Launcher

The Colony

Cost: Destiny 2 Shard 29 Shards
Lore: The Colony

The Colony is a grenade launcher that goes into the heavy slot and it has two active perks. According to the lore, the making of the Colony was inspired by watching a man die of a snake bite, which resulted in this grenade launcher packed with fully mobile, AI-controlled insectoid detonators, each one designed with a taste for blood.

“We outnumber you. We will find you. You are alone, and we are the colony.”

Insectoid Robot GrenadesExotic intrinsic perk – This weapon’s grenades are insectoid robots that chase targets and explodes close to them.

Serve the ColonyLegendary trait perk – Insectoid robot grenades quickly repopulate the magazine from reserves while the Colony is unequipped.

I have to be honest with you. I’m not much of The Colony fan since my priority in Destiny 2 is doing raids and there are so many other exotics (and legendaries for that matter) that consistently deal a lot more damage to the target than The Colony.

I will give it this though; for lesser PvE enemies you can absolutely get away with using The Colony and it’s pure joy watching Insectoid Robot Grenades crawl towards the target and explode, even if all you did was aim in the general direction of the enemy in question. And as opposed to other grenade launchers where you blow yourself up when firing too close to an enemy, you don’t have to worry about this with The Colony. Stand as close as you want. The enemy will die, you won’t.

For PvP The Colony is in more of a sweet spot though due to the tracking perk Insectoid Robot Grenades. Shoot it into a doorway and the grenades will track anyone inside. It’s not a one hit kill, but it will kill someone who has already been hit by a bullet or two.

Serve the Colony is just autoloading holster under a different label. Switch to another gun for a few seconds and then back, and The Colony is reloaded and ready for another damage round.

Long story short; if you are into PvP, invest your shards. If you are into PvE, it’s not a necessity for your inventory, although it is a fun gun to use.

Exotic Armor

Raiden Flux

Raiden Flux

Cost: Destiny 2 Shard 23 Shards
Class: Hunter Destiny 2 Icon Hunter
Lore: Raiden Flux

Synapse Junctions Exotic intrinsic perk – Quick successive attacks with Arc Staff increases its damage output and duration.

Hunters, you want this chest piece! The exotic intrinsic perk delivers on its promise. The prolongation of Arc Staff is significant. Combine it with top tree Arcstrider and the Gambler’s Dodge and you have not only a long and powerful add clearing super, but also the benefit of infinite melees with Combination blow x 3 as long as there are adds around you to kill. 

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the combination of top tree Arcstrider and Gambler’s Dodge; Dodging fully recharges your melee ability and killing an enemy with a fully charged melee recharges your dodge ability.

If you are a hunter main, this chest piece should go straight to your inventory without any hesitation.

Mask of the Quiet One

Mask of the Quiet One

Cost: Destiny 2 Shard 23 Shards
Class: Titan Destiny 2 Icon Titan
Lore: Mask of the Quiet One

Dreaded Visage Exotic intrinsic perk – Grants ability energy when you’re damaged. When critically wounded, regain maximum health on kills.

Not only is this one of the coolest-looking titan helmets in the game (especially with the Thanatonaut’s Peril ornament equipped), it is also quite useful if your playstyle is dependent on ability use.

Originally this helmet only triggered health regain when killing with void abilities, and was thus a helmet for Sentinel titan. That was later changed to health regain on kills when critically wounded, regardless of subclass. However, this perk is more of an insurance kind of deal to quote Datto, since you need to be without shield for it to proc and there aren’t that many situations, if at all, where you want to keep yourself on red bar just to proc the perk.

That said, the ability regeneration is decent and if you like playing in the front line, where you consistently take damage, this helmet is a good addition to your loadout.

Crown of Tempests

Crown of Tempests

Cost: Destiny 2 Shard 23 Shards
Class: Warlock Destiny 2 Icon Warlock
Lore: Crown of Tempests

Conduction Tines Exotic intrinsic perk – Arc ability kills increase the recharge rate of your Arc abilities and extend the duration of Stormtrance.

If you are a Warlock who likes using Stormcaller, you really should pick this helmet up. And even if you don’t like Stormcaller, you will after using this helmet to its full capacity.

The ability recharge rate increase for arc ability kills is significant, and it includes the recharge rate of your super ability. Combined with Stormcaller bottom tree, which will give you Arc Souls to help kill smaller adds and using your abilities whenever they are charged, will turn you into an ability recharging machine as long as there are adds around you.

Invest your shards, Guardian.

Special Items

Exotic Engram

Exotic Engram

Cost: Destiny 2 Shard 97 Shards

An engram that contains a new exotic if you have any left to be collected within your collections. If you already have all exotics completed on your class, then this engram contains a random piece of exotic armor. You can only purchase this engram once a week and only on one character.

Five of Swords

Five of Swords

A special card that enables modifiers for Nightfall strikes (doesn’t apply for Nightfall: The Ordeal). The more challenging the modifiers the larger the score multiplier is.

  • Let us know how you like this. We are planning to update this page every week with the newest information.

  • Let us know how you like this. We are planning to update this page every week with the newest information.

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