Welcome to our weekly Xur Gear Guide. In this weekly series, we will update you on the new location of Xur in Destiny 2 and more prominently, on the gear he sells. We’ll give you a summary of each item, describe it in detail and make recommendations on whether you should invest your shards or skip an item.

We will update Where is Xur? every Friday

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Who is Xur?

For all the New Light players and any veteran guardians out there, Xur is our reliable merchant of all special exotics every Friday. Xur appears in randomly rotating locations each weekend and disappears on reset every Tuesday. Xur typically carries with him one exotic weapon, one exotic armor piece for each class, and a Fated Engram to help fill out any missing exotics from your collection. Xur cannot drop any raid/quest specific exotics. For more information, read below for when he appears, where to find him, and what gear he is selling.

When does he appear?

Xur appears every Friday during the daily reset. Depending on where you are in the world this will mean showing up at different times. Find the times below:

  • UK: 17:00 (GMT)
  • Europe: 18:00 (CEST)
  • US East Coast: 12:00 (EST)
  • US West Coast: 09:00 (PST)

Where to find Xur this week?

IO Giant Scar Destiny 2 Xur

For Apr. 3 – Apr. 7 Xur is located in a cave near Giant’s Scar on IO.

Xur Gear Guide – Giant’s Scar, IO

Xur Gear Guide for this week

Here we’ll list all the gear that you can get from Xur this week.

Exotic Weapons

Hard Light
Auto Rifle

Hard Light

Cost: Destiny 2 Shard 29 Shards
Lore: Hard Light

Hard Light is an auto rifle that goes into the energy weapon slot.

Volatile LightExotic intrinsic perk – Rounds fired from this weapon have no damage falloff, overpenetrate targets and ricochet off hard surfaces. Projectile damage increases after bounce. 

The Fundamentals  – Legendary trait perk – Holding Reload changes this weapon’s damage type, cycling between Solar, Arc and Void.

This is probably the most loved and hated weapon in PvP right now. Loved by those who use it, hated by those who see this weapon as a “no skill needed” weapon. And I actually agree with the latter, even though I am one of those who use this weapon in PvP.

The exotic perk makes Hard Light very strong. There is no damage falloff. None. The bullets overpenetrate your target. The ricochet rounds lets you shoot into a wall and the bullets that hit your opponent will do more damage than if you had fired directly at them. Who wouldn’t use a weapon like that in PvP?

For PvE it definitely has its place, even though I’m less inclined to give up the exotic slot for an auto rifle. For me it has more of a situational use, for example in prestige raid lairs when auto rifles are part of the weapon loadout and the Prism modifier is on.  

Invest your shards, Guardian. Even though I feel slightly bad for saying so.

Exotic Armor

Orpheus Rig

Orpheus Rig

Cost: Destiny 2 Shard 23 Shards
Class: Hunter Destiny 2 Icon Hunter
Lore: Orpheus Rig

Uncanny ArrowsExotic intrinsic perk Provides ability energy for each enemy tethered by Deadfall Anchors Deadfall anchors (Nightstalker top tree) and provides more shots for Moebius Quiver (Nightstalker bottom tree).

This is a top tier exoitc for Hunters. If paired with Nightstalker top tree, it will return super energy when enemies get tethered and create orbs of light when these enemies are killed. The amount of returned super energy partly depends on how many enemies are caught in the tether, but after the latest nerf, Bungie capped it at 50%.

What many seem to forget is that Orpheus Rigs is also useful for Nightstalker bottom tree because of the increased number of shots (8 instead of 6). Moebius Quiver is playing a far more important role in PVE now after Shadowkeep was released due to the damage buff of Shadowshot.

This leg armor is a must have for all hunters out there since it’s excellent for both crowd control and also for producing orbs of light for your team as well as dealing damage to bosses. Even after the nerf.

Invest your shards Guardian, you won’t regret it.



Cost: Destiny 2 Shard 23 Shards
Class: Titan Destiny 2 Icon Titan
Lore: Stronghold

Clenched FistExotic intrinsic perk – Guarding with Swords increases movement speed and does not drain ammo. Shots blocked immediately after guarding will heal you.

This lets you block indefinitely using no sword ammo, move faster while blocking, and even heals you when you block damage. It’s highly niche, but incredibly strong within that very narrow context. When surviving is more important than killing enemies (for example, 2nd encounter Pit of Heresy or in Heroic Menagerie) this is where these really shine. If you want to use them more widely, they’re a potentially interesting combo with the Black Talon sword, which opposed to all other swords has a ranged attack.

Ophidian Aspect

Contraverse Hold

Cost: Destiny 2 Shard 23 Shards
Class: Warlock Destiny 2 Icon Warlock
Lore: Contraverse Hold

Chaotic Exchanger Exotic intrinsic perk Resist incoming damage while charging your Void grenade with Chaos Accelerant, Feed the Void or Handheld Supernova. Charged Void grenades return a random amount of grenade energy on a hit.

Ever wondered why you lost a duel with a Warlock in PvP even though you’ve both shot them and dealt melee damage? These gauntlets are probably the reason.

The glory days of these gauntlets are over, however. Before Season of the Worthy, you got a 40% damage reduction while charging your Void grenade. Combined with the unnerfed Handheld Supernova, they made you, if not invincible, pretty damn strong in 1 v 1 or 1 v 2 situations.

With Season of the Worthy, the damage reduction was changed to 20% and with the recent nerfs to Handheld Supernova, these gauntlets are not as clear of a choice for PvP as they used to be. They will however give you an advantage in 1 v 1 situations, but a fairer one than what was the case before the changes.

If you want to use these gauntlets for PvE, I would recommend combining them with Attunement of Chaos (top tree Voidwalker) with the Vortex grenade equipped, since you can get more grenade energy back with that grenade if you damage multiple enemies. Attunement of Chaos also gives you Entropic Pull, which give you grenade energy back when you damage an enemy with a charged melee. Equip a weapon with the Demolitionist perk as well and you will have grenades for days.

Although there are other exotics that affect your grenade recharge rate, I would recomment you to Invest your shards, Guardian. Make a grenade build around these gloves and have some fun!

Special Items

Exotic Engram

Exotic Engram

Cost: Destiny 2 Shard 97 Shards

An engram that contains a new exotic if you have any left to be collected within your collections. If you already have all exotics completed on your class, then this engram contains a random piece of exotic armor. You can only purchase this engram once a week and only on one character.

Five of Swords

Five of Swords

A special card that enables modifiers for Nightfall strikes (doesn’t apply for Nightfall: The Ordeal). The more challenging the modifiers the larger the score multiplier is.

  • Let us know how you like this. We are planning to update this page every week with the newest information.

  • Let us know how you like this. We are planning to update this page every week with the newest information.

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