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Discord never really had a proper way of replying to messages by quoting them. It was always just a chronological, non-threaded chat without any options to reference older messages when replying. No quoting whatsoever. That’s about to change.

Despite quoting/replying being one of the most requested features for Discord ever (this thread on their feedback forum is in the top 10 and has over 13.000 upvotes), Discord never really seemed to care. Which is odd, given that Slack has had this for ages – including full message threads.

There were workarounds, of course, like using bots or enabling developer mode to be able to copy individual message links. But there was never a native and solid solution built right into the app. Then last year Discord released a feature called Blockquotes, which is a very barebones and manual quoting option. You essentially type a > symbol and then copy and paste the original message you want to reply to. Cumbersome at best and not very elegant at all.

Full-fledged message/reply quoting feature

But now Discord has quietly put a first version of a true quoting system into the Discord client. It’s still very basic, and according to a Discord developer, it’s just a first “quick and dirty” implementation which they will build upon to create a full-fledged message quoting and replying system later on.

Discord developer shows first implementation of message quoting

However, the developer also mentioned that fleshing out the new feature has been put on the back burner for now, while Discord works on things that seem more important to the company. No further details were provided.

Yeah it’s pretty ghetto. But we still think it’s useful in its simpler form until we get the full-fledged message reply/quoting feature with message links and what not done. That’s blocked on some other work items though. So for now, y’all get the quick and dirty.

Jake (u/ReallyAmused), Discord developer

Given the rate and speed at which Discord has innovated over the years, I think it’s safe to say that we won’t have to wait for too long. In the meantime, we have this new option, which sure comes as a welcome addition to the already impressive set of features in our favorite chat tool.

The feature is already available throughout all of Discord’s desktop clients. So you don’t even have to be on the PTS or Canary version to use it (you might have to reload if you had Discord open for a while). Just right-click on any message and click on “Quote”.

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