Let’s be honest. You’re still going to use Izanagi, Recluse, Wendigo, with a sprinkling of Divinity and Edgewise for all endgame content. For your day to day grinding though, to stave off burnout, it’s healthy to dabble around with other archetypes. You never know what might get buffed in the next patch. I like letting Banshee’s dailies decide my loadout for the day. Here are some of my favorite weapons in Destiny 2 that feel the best to use.


Destiny 2 Exotic Weapon - The Huckleberry

Huckleberry is absolutely braindead. I don’t mean that in a derogatory manner. Quite the opposite. This gun allows you to just hold down the mouse button while lazily waving your crosshair over the crowd of red bars, and be rewarded with a pile of corpses and orbs. It’s a lovely feeling, and with its “rampage” buff being unique and escaping the standard rampage PvE nerf that came with Shadowkeep, it actually does quite good damage to majors as well. By putting the first 2/3 of the mag into the yellow bar, then drifting over to a nearby red bar for a free reload, and sustaining this for a few mags, you can chew through some quite sizeable foes. Add to that great handling and surprisingly good range, and this gun feels possibly the best to use out of all the weapons in D2.

Graviton Lance

Destiny 2 Exotic Weapon - Graviton Lance

The lack of range drop-off makes the Graviton Lance shine on the larger PvE encounters, like sniper alley in Shattered Throne, and Scourge of the Past. It feels like a very hefty scout rifle at long ranges, and the 2nd shot makes it feel strong at close range too. The kicker is that it has the explode on death effect that spawns small seeking bombs, and kills from this effect also spawn more explosions and seeking bombs. This makes it strong at volume ad clear, normally a weak spot of slow firing weapons. It’s like a void Sunshot without any mag size worries. Run this on your Warlock with Nezarec’s Sin and have your abilities up all the time on top of everything else.

Blast Furnace

Destiny 2 Legendary Weapon - Blast Furnace

The Blast Furnace pulse rifle has near the ranged power of Graviton Lance and it’s not even exotic. Boasting pretty much as much range as is possible within the weapon type of a pulse rifle, the Feeding Frenzy & Kill Clip combo gives an easily acquired damage buff that allows you to one-burst nearly all red bars. I’ve had to add in a minor-spec mod with the post-Shadowkeep nerfs to precision damage, but it still slays hard. Running a weapon with this kind of range adds a lot to your survivability as well. The current SMG prevalence has people into melee range a lot, and with blackout being a common modifier, half my wipes these days are to a thrall that snuck up behind me. Run this and you’ll feel downright tanky.

Arsenic Bite-4B

Destiny 2 Legendary Weapon - Arsenic Bite-4B

The Arsenic Bite-4B is probably the most controversial item on this list, and I’ll concede that this is neither optimal nor suitable for all players’ preferences. What makes it for me is the rolls I have; explosive head and rampage. When Shadowkeep hit, and the precision damage modifier was nerfed, while base damage was buffed, this was an indirect buff to Explosive Head and Dragonfly effects, as these are derived from the base damage. The consistent flat damage from Explosive Head gives you a damage floor even when you hardly draw the bowstring at all. This allows you to make small adjustments when you don’t quite kill a target, without wasting the time to fully charge the bow. Rampage simply stacks nicely with the mass ad clear benefit of Explosive Head, although sadly Rampage doesn’t affect the explosion itself.

Sturm & Drang (Baroque)

Destiny 2 Sturm
Destiny 2 Drang

It wasn’t until Sturm was buffed that it really started to kick butt, and the further addition of a Drang with random rolls has made this a hugely under-rated pick. The sheer satisfaction of mowing down a crowd of red bars with Drang, storing up a dozen bonus damage shots, then 3 tapping a yellow bar, all without ever having to reload, almost makes up for the problem of being an exotic that essentially takes two weapon slots. This wasn’t bad before rally banners, ammo finders, and special finishers made green ammo commonplace, but this is sadly unlikely to become meta, particularly while we also cannot put overload/piercing/stagger rounds on exotics. If you do want to enjoy this combo, however, look out for disruption break on Drang (Baroque), as this makes a shield broken extra vulnerable to kinetic damage, perfectly syncing with swapping to Sturm to deliver the headshot.

Year 1 Antiope-D

Destiny 2 Legendary Weapon - Antiope-D

A PvP entry, this is the gun that takes me to fabled each season. Ridiculous range for an SMG, you can contest at the far edge of hand cannon ranges, and with kill clip it really hits hard. Better neutral game than Recluse, and leaves your energy slot open for Beloved or an Erentil-FR4. The year one is very decent, and my year two god roll (Banshee pls) would be pretty much the same, with the addition of snapshot sights to address the poor handling that is the only real weak spot of the Antiope-D.

My favorite Destiny 2 weapons… do you agree?

Do you agree with our favorite selection of the best feeling and most fun weapons in Destiny 2? If not, what are your favorites? Let us know in the comments section below.

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