Will Gjallarhorn have a great return in Destiny 2 Season of Dawn? Some players in the Destiny community think so and here is why.

The history of Gjallarhorn

If you ever played the first Destiny game, you’re likely to have some kind of emotion about Gjallarhorn. You were either one of the lucky ones who had it, or you were one of the unlucky ones who didn’t.

Up until year 3 and the release of Rise of Iron Gjallarhorn was only obtainable from select sources as a very rare random drop. Xûr, Agent of the Nine sold Gjallarhorn for Strange Coins in the second week after the launch of Destiny, but didn’t sell it again until shortly before the release of King’s Fall. If you managed to get your hands on one, it was probably one of the bigger moments of your Destiny career.

Destiny 2 Gjallarhorn

The exotic rocket launcher from year 1 in Destiny, is said to have been forged from the armor of the Guardians who fell in the Battle of the Twilight Gap. Gjallarhorn was described as the arguably most powerful gun in the game and it was the heavy weapon for end game content. “Must have Gjallarhorn” was a common wording in looking for raid group posts back then. Since a lot of players didn’t have one, it consequently led to them missing out on end game content.

The problem was so substantial that Bungie decided to nerf the rocket launcher’s primary perk, Wolfpack Rounds. This perk made the rounds fired split into tracking cluster missiles upon detonation and basically turned the weapon into a nuke.

Destiny 2 Gjallarhorn

The possible return of Gjallarhorn in Destiny 2

So, now that we know the history of Gjallarhorn, why would we even think that Bungie is planning on bringing it back?

Whereas most players out there don’t think it will ever happen simply due to the problematic history, some members of the Destiny community have a different opinion. Why? Because supposedly, there are hints hidden in Destiny 2.

YouTuber Profane Production recently released a video where he speculates about the possible return of Gjallarhorn. In the video he mainly points towards three rather prominent hints.

Gjallarhorn in Destiny 2: Hint number one

The first hint was there already in year 2. While visiting the Spider at one point, you could see that he was selling The Midnight Special for 20 exotic engrams. Destiny 1 veterans probably choked on their energy drinks that day, since the the image shows a replica of a fabled weapon – Gjallarhorn. However, you couldn’t buy the weapon and most players probably just wrote it off as a clever joke on Bungie’s part.

Destiny 2 Gjallarhorn
Wait… Isn’t that…. Gjallarhorn?!

Hint number two

If you check the collections tab in-game, you will notice that there are two greyed out cells under the exotic power weapon section. As Profane Productions mentions in his video, cells that don’t have any data are light grey, whereas these two cells are more of a dark grey. Just like the cells you can see on other pages where there are spots for guns that may be in the database but just not yet released.

Notice the dark grey cells at the bottom
Notice the difference in color between the top left cell and the other cells

Hint number three

In the exotic quest Devil’s Ruin, Saint-14 talks about Gjallarhorn and its construction from the armor of the Guardians that died at the Battle of Twilight Gap. The major part of the quest takes our Guardians back to Twilight Gap in search of Timelost Fragments hidden in around the map. Although you do get a pretty sweet sidearm, Devil’s Ruin, at the completion of the short mission, it feels like there should be more to the story. Much more.

Taking the leaked audio clips into consideration, the dream of Gjallarhorn for Destiny 2 lives on. The below quote is one example of those leaks.

With the vaults destroyed, the Gjallarhorns of old are lost forever. But I wanted to arm you with the legacy of Twilight Gap once more. Now, you have all that you need.

– Saint-14

So Saint-14 wants to arm us with the legacy of Twilight Gap and by doing so we will have all that we need. And this is where Profane Productions draws the line back to the first Destiny game and what all Guardians needed back then to overcome the difficulties of the end game content. Yes, you guessed it. Gjallarhorn.

Destiny 2 Gjallarhorn
Searching for Timelost Fragments… Gjallarhorn?

What do you think? Will Gjallarhorn be reintroduced in Destiny 2’s Season of Dawn? Do you think it would be a good addition or a disappointment? I would love to hear your thoughts and theories in the comments below.

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