Kojima’s controversial new game Death Stranding has just landed, but that isn’t stopping him from taking on his next big idea – a horror game. Just a couple of days ago, Masahiro Ito, known for his designs in the Silent Hill franchise, tweeted that he’s working on a new title as a core member. Are they working together?

Maybe it’s just coincidence, but it would be such a good fit. Masahiro is a well-known figure in the gaming world. He has worked as a monster designer for the first Silent Hill game and later took on the role of art director for Silent Hill 2 and 3. He is also known for working on games such as NightCry and Metal Gear: Survive.

Concept art of Masahiro Ito

Kojima Hideo, the mastermind of the Metal Gear games, needs no introduction, really. His newest creation, Death Stranding, has just been released and had to deal with mixed reviews. In a recent tweet, however, he announced that he is working on a new endeavor, which he called “the scariest horror game”.

Furthermore, it’s no secret that Kojima once worked on a Silent Hills game together with Norman Reedus and director Guillermo Del Toro, back in 2014. A playable teaser demo, simply titled “PT” was released on the Playstation Store but was later removed when the project got canceled.

Now, circling back to Silent Hill art director Masahiro Ito, he just tweeted something interesting. He says he is working on a new title as a core member, and that he hopes the game does not get canceled. To me that sounds like a pretty direct reference to the canceled Silent Hills Kojima was working on. In a second tweet, he then said: “I can tell you nothing yet”.

As I said earlier, this might be a pure coincidence. Nobody knows whether Kojima’s new title is anywhere near a point where he would actually start to assemble a team. So all of this is mere speculation. But it’s easy to connect the dots here. Maybe wishful thinking, but it would be so cool. Just imagine Kojima creating a horror game designed by Ito. It would be like a dream team working together. A win-win situation par excellence.

What do you think? Could the two actually be working together? Or are they both working on different projects? Let me know in the comments.

Kojima Horror Game
Kojima’s canceled Silent Hills project, 2014

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