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Ever since the first rumors of a next-gen Playstation 5 materialized, people were wondering whether there will be a Playstation 5 Pro model. Such a model has now been semi-confirmed by Masayasu Ito, Executive Vice President for Hardware Engineering and Operation at Sony Interactive Entertainment.

With the current generation of consoles, both Microsoft and Sony have departed from their previous release cycle of one hardware version per generation. Both companies released mid-generation updates to their consoles, to improve performance and offer new features. When the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One were released, people were mostly using 1080p HD TVs. However, that drastically changed over time. 4K televisions with HDR capabilities became a lot cheaper in recent years. Furthermore, consumers bought new TVs more often than ever before. So Sony came up with an update to their console, named Playstation 4 Pro, to address the new market situation. The PS4 Pro had a beefier GPU and was able to push 4K resolution. Microsoft didn’t wait long and responded with their stronger XB1 version, the Xbox One X, shortly thereafter.

Now it appears as if Sony is planning to release a Playstation 5 Pro model after they launch the PS5.

Playstation 5 Dev Kit
Playstation 5 Development Kit

Playstation 5 Pro model could be coming mid-generation

Gameinformer recently interviewed Sony Interactive’s Executive Vice President for Hardware Engineering, Masayasu Ito. The interview was part of a feature story, which the site published for the 25th anniversary of the Playstation. While Ito mostly talked about the Playstation 4 Pro, he also spoke about the development of the PS5.

Masayasu Ito says that with the ever-increasing speed of innovation in technology, it’s hard to keep up. The viable life span of a console is around 6-7 years to make it profitable. That is just way too long to keep hardware fresh and up to the task of growing performance demands of modern games and the quickly evolving technology space. Upgrading a console mid-generation with newer CPU and GPU components is a lot less expensive than designing an entirely new system every 2-3 years. And that is exactly the idea behind these mid-generation updates. The PS4 Pro was so successful, that Sony seems to aim for a similar approach with the Playstation 5 (Pro). And if you believe Ito, the Playstation 5 Pro looks like it’s already set in stone.

What do you guys think? Does a Playstation 5 Pro make sense? Let us know in the comments section below.

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