Fans of tactical spec-ops shooters like Rainbow Six or the early Ghost Recon games have long been waiting for something new to sink their time into. The genre didn’t receive much love over the years, but that could change now with the newly announced Zero Six: Behind Enemy Lines.

Zero Six: Behind Enemy Lines has seemingly appeared out of nowhere. Developed by a small indie studio based in Germany, the game aims to be a tactical military/spec-ops shooter following the footsteps of games such as Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon. The developers said that Zero Six is heavily influenced by the old SOCOM games, but will offer a more modern style of gunplay and firing mechanics. Furthermore, players will experience the game from a third-person perspective, with a first-person mode kicking in when aiming down sights.

“Zero Six – Behind Enemy Lines” is a Third-Person Tactical Shooter. It combines the tactical elements from a Third Person perspective with the action-packed shooting mechanics of an FPS game.

Zero Six Games

Competitive Multiplayer and Single Player Campaign

Zero Six: Behind Enemy Lines will feature both, a single player campaign as well as a competitive multiplayer mode. In the campaign, you will play through a “dark and gritty” story that’s based on NAVY Seal Team Six. The multiplayer part will feature various tactical and team oriented modes.

Zero Six Behind Enemy Lines
Zero Six: Behind Enemy Lines – Concept Render

What else is known about Zero Six: Behind Enemy Lines

From a technical perspective, Zero Six: Behind Enemy Lines will run on Unreal Engine 4 and offer destructible environments as well as a dynamic day-night cycle. Zero Six will release for PC first, with XB1 and PS4 releases planned further down the road. The studio did not want to comment on next-gen console releases.

Not much else is known about the new title as of yet. As mentioned earlier, the game popped out of nowhere just a couple of days ago. The developer’s Twitter and Instagram accounts were only created in January 2020 with just a few posts shared so far. There are only a couple of screenshots available, most of which are clearly concepts.

The game will launch into alpha in 2020, with registrations already open on the developer’s website.

Following are some in-game screenshots and renders:

Zero Six
Zero Six: Behind Enemy Lines – in-game screenshot
Zero Six – in-game screenshot
Zero Six: Behind Enemy Lines - Concept Art

Do you think a small indie developer can pull off such an ambitious project? Let us know in the comments below.

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